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Although there are many ways to manufacture ornamental fences, Dave Loveday recommends the use of galvanized metal tubing and then powder coated, making it maintenance free for many more years than the standard raw metal materials that are just painted. Nothing is more irritating than having to paint these types of fences every three or four years.  In the long run they will end up costing you more. 

There are a wide variety of automatic gate operators. I have installed several different name brands, however, I have found  that some gate openers just aren't as dependable as others.  In addition, it is hard to find replacement parts or someone to service alot of the openers.  Many years ago I decided to install only gate openers that I found to be dependable.  The Apollo operators are the ones that we stand by and use. Apollo is a Texas company and replacement parts are available in a short period of time. We offer a service maintainance program on all Apollo gate openers whether we installed them or not. 

Due to the fact that treated wood has a tendency to warp, I stopped recommending using it many years ago.  In a lot cases treated wood requires some maintenance, therefore, as a rule I prefer use galvanized pipe or cedar 4x4 for the post and use cedar pickets and rails for a virtually no maintenance product.  I will build privacy fences using treated lumber, but I don't offer any king of warranty against warping.

      Over the years many subdivision and neighborhood associations have ruled against the use of chain-link fencing.  I offer an alternative to chain link fence for country style living. You may see some samples on my web page in "other types of fences."

There isn't much to say about ranch and game fencing except that I do a fair amount of it, but I use quality materials and I do it right. 

REMEMBER THIS:  It is easier to do it right then to explain why you did it wrong.

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